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How To Do Reels: Camera Settings & Helpful Tips

Why Social Media Reels are Important

A social media reel is a vertical video that showcases your work and your skills in your industry. It should be short and sweet, and ideally no more than 1.5 minutes long. Social media reels are important because they help to get your name out there while showing off your skills and showcase what you are all about.


  • Smartphone (we use iPhone) with a good quality camera (preferably wide angle)
  • Gimbal (DJI, Zhiyun are industry staple gimbal manufactures. Will link specific models below)

How to Make One

Home Visions Media shoots all social media reels on a full frame camera or an iPhone, and the next steps outlined are for the iPhone.

Our Native Camera Settings

  • High efficiency format
  • ProRaw Res 48mp
  • Apple ProRes ON
  • 4k (60fps if you’re going to slow down, 24fps if it’s a normal video)
  • Enhanced Stabilisation ON
  • HDR Video ON
  • Grid ON

Ninja Walk – this takes lots of practice, and we are always improving! Ninja walking is all about smoothness. If you walk normally, you won’t like the result. Slow and steady wins the race when starting out, but eventually when you have the movement down, you will be able to get some really smooth action shots at faster speeds (if you ever need that).

  • Heel to toe, but not clunking down on the heel
  • Slight bend in the knees to cushion the movement
  • Stand up straight
  • Hold gimbal close to you with anchored arms to minimize shakiness of upper body

Real Estate:

  • One long clip
  • Short clips of each room
  • Short detail clips


  • Short panning (side to side) of an area
  • From close up on client moving backwards to reveal more of the surroundings

Some tips for making a good social media reel:

  • Upload to Instagram in 1080p, NOT 4k (Instagram compresses 4k and makes it blurry)
  • Keep it short and sweet, ideally no more than 1.5 minutes long
  • Make sure that all of the content on the reel is relevant to what you do – don’t front for views

Social Media Video Tools You Can Use Today To Create Your Own

There are many free and paid tools for creating videos that you can use today. But before we get into those, let’s talk about what kind of videos you should be creating for your social media channels. You want to be posting videos that will allow your viewer to get to know you before getting in contact with you. If your potential client feels connected to you prior to connecting one-on-one, you have the leverage. We all want to work with someone that understands us and that we are comfortable with. Here a few ideas of video topics:

  • Behind The Scenes (BTS) so we see HOW you do things
  • Educating (but please make it fun!!)
  • Community
  • Listings

Here are some of our favorite tools for creating and editing videos straight from your phone:

If you haven’t read our Social Media Post yet, read it here.

Check out our website, and book your shoot today!

How To Do Reels

February 16, 2023

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© 2023 Home Visions Media— All rights reserved.    Privacy Policy