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Equipment We Use for Real Estate Photography

What Cameras Do We Use?

There were many factors to consider when looking for the best cameras for our Real Estate Photography business, and many cameras that checked the boxes. One of the most important factors was versatility. We ended up going with Sony, specifically the A7iv and FX3. The cameras we use excels in photo and video work, which allows us to be able to get those slowed down video clips as well as crisp photos.

What are the Best Lenses for Real Estate Photography?

There are a wide variety of lenses for any camera. For Real Estate Photography and Real Estate Videography, we want to have the widest lens we can. We use a 16-35mm focal length. While it’s great to show large spaces like kitchens or living areas, the wide angle is crucial for us to get in. . .POWDER ROOMS. Small bathrooms are the hardest spaces to shoot (as you know if you’ve ever browsed listing photos), but with the wide lens, we’re able to show the space nicely. For video and branding work, we also use 35mm, 50mm, and a 24-70mm focal length lenses. We invest in the best equipment to have the right setup for any situation.

What is the Best Lighting Setup For Real Estate Photography?

Lighting for our Real Estate Photography is done internally for the most part. We turn on available lights on site, but burnt out bulbs or dark spaces with no lights aren’t an issue. Bracketing our photos allows us to get 5 different exposures (extremely underexposed all the way to extremely overexposed) to hand blend together. This process, in combination with our editing, results in a beautifully lighted photo to showcase the space!

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January 17, 2023

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