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Sell a Million Dollar Home in Washington DC through Real Estate Media

This is a tough time to sell a home. In order to successfully market and sell a million dollar home in Washington DC and Northern Virginia, you need to stand out on the MLS and social media. Wondering what you need? Expert real estate photography. At the forefront of real estate photography in Washington DC, our full suite of real estate media services ensure that these luxurious homes are showcased in their utmost grandeur so that you sell them quickly and for the most money! Below are staple services we offer and recommend for every million dollar listing:

1. HDR Photos

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos capture the best of a property. In spaces filled with lux finishes, from sleek marble to antique woods, HDR ensures every detail is vividly presented.

2. Home Tour Videos

Photos provide the amenities. Videos provide the lifestyle of the property. Home Tour Videos tell the story, from the stately exterior to the luxurious details of interior spaces.

3. Social Media Reels

Modern buyers often start the home search on social media. Reels provide a quick yet effective first look, capturing attention instantly.

4. Twilights

Having a twilight shot for the first image of a listing averages over 75% more views than a day image. The beautiful golden hour sky in combination with highlighting the architectural beauty of the house is a GREAT way to get attention on the home from day 1.

5. Floor Plans

Providing a layout is vital. Floor plans allow potential buyers to visualize the space, understanding the flow and functionality of each room.

6. Matterport 3D Tours

In today’s digital age, Matterport 3D tours have become indispensable. They allow buyers, regardless of their location, to ‘walk through’ the property, providing them a realistic feel. Matterport is the industry leader in 3D tours, so naturally, that’s what we offer our clients!

7. Custom Listing Websites

A dedicated website can be a game-changer. It serves as a one-stop-shop for all property information, from HD photos to 3D tours, and everything in between. Our websites also have direct messaging for scheduling showings as well as analytics so you can see where people are looking.

In Conclusion

To build a brand that stands tall in the real estate market of Washington DC and Northern Virginia, use top-notch real estate media is non-negotiable. A million dollar home deserves nothing short of a million-dollar presentation. Through a blend of staple products like HDR photos and innovative tools like social media reels and home tour videos, every luxury home can be showcased in its unparalleled luxury.

Market Million Dollar DC Homes with Real Estate Media. Home Visions Media offers real estate photography and video. We shoot hdr photos for all listings.

Check out our website, and book your shoot today!

Market luxury homes in Washington DC with top real estate media products. Captivate elite buyers and sell your million-dollar listings fast.

September 19, 2023

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